Veto Pro Pac XL Tool Bag

Why You Might Want a Veto Pro Pac XL Tool Bag

Many aircraft mechanics use tools which are organized out of a toolbox. A common technique is to store tools in a Sears Craftsman Tool Box, or equivalent.   But sometimes  current job market conditions require you to take a job four states away, or you might be offered an overseas contract.  Also, some aircraft mechanics either work out of their car for a few months a year, or need to have a lot of job mobility.  Under these conditions, many aircraft mechanics prefer the  Veto Pro Pac XL tool bag.   If you are in school getting your A and P license, this is the last tool bag you will need to buy, because it is built to last.  The cost of this bag is not cheap, but you can get the XL Model on for $145. There is no better tool bag than this one.   You can store your whole tool box inside of the XL Model, generally.  It may be heavy after you load it with all your tools, but at least you have them, and you are not going to lose any tools.

Veto Pro Pac XL

Veto Pro Pac Closed Top Bags. Courtesy:

Veto Pro Pac XL – From the Manufacturer

“The award winning, Model XL is the workhorse in the VETO PRO PAC line of professional tool bags.  It features 67 pockets of varying size and holds over 100 hand tools. The MODEL XL is perfect for anyone who needs to store, transport and quickly access a wide variety of hand tools. Measures- 9.5-Inches W by 16.5-Inches L by13.5-Inches H (20.25-Inch H Handle Up)”

Product Description

“Pro Pac tool bags are renowned for their unique patented fixed-center panel design and durable construction. The layout and functionality of these bags is nothing short of brilliant. The vertically tiered pockets on either side of the fixed center panel allow clear visibility, instant access and maximized storage. Zippered covers protect and conceal the contents for transportation or storage. The bags are constructed of PVC impregnated 1800 Denier weatherproof fabric. The durable waterproof base is made of a 3 mm thick polypropylene. The over molded ergonomic hand grip along with a non-slip padded shoulder strap provide comfort while transporting. A 5 year warranty is included. ”

You can get  a nice description of the usage of the XL Model at . The three models – Veto Pro Pac XL, LC, XXL – are reviewed in the following video:


Here is an image of a Veto Pro Pac XL Tool bag, loaded with tools:

Veto Pro Pac XL

Veto Pro Pac Model XL. Courtesy:

Roger Brouard, Owner of Veto Pro Pac, reviews the bags’ attractive features in the accompanying video:


This bag is heavy when loaded up with tools.  However, the weight is  justified by the solid thick bottom of the bag. Sit this bag in on a wet floor, and your tools are safe! This bag is well worth the added weight, no doubt about it. This means it won’t wear a hole in the bottom like nylon bottoms will do sooner or later.

Veto Pro Pac XL Summary

In my view, here are the pros and cons of this bag:

Pro: portable, rugged, very organized, removes fumbling for tools, improves productivity, allows usage in wet conditions. Vertical organization of tools allows for quick access.

Con: Loaded up, the bag is heavy, high initial up-front cost

In summary, the Veto Pro Pac XL tool bag is an awesome bit of equipment;  it will drive up your productivity, and give you a great deal of mobility on the job.

by Steve Adams


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