How a Turbo Fan Jet Engine Works

Turbo Fan Jet Engine

Turbo Fan Jet Engine

Any definition of an aircraft mechanic job would involve engine maintenance. The Turbo Fan jet engine has revolutionized the modern aircraft industry, because of its high efficiencies and power output.  First, here is a video illustrating the main components  of a jet engine.

Shown below  is a video animation of a duel spool, high bypass turbo fan commercial jet engine. In a turbo fan jet engine, Newton’s Laws of Motion , in this case
Force = mass x acceleration
are obeyed, as you can see.

Shown below is a brief video, explaining  how a modern high-bypass turbo fan jet engine works, from . This CFM56 turbo fan jet engine powers the Boeing 737(300-900) , the Airbus A340 (200-300), and is also used with the Airbus A320 family of airplanes.

Imagine what is involved in the maintenance of a modern turbofan engine, such as on a Boeing 737 airplane. Suppose it was determined the CFM56 needed a fan blade replacement. The following videos, provided by the manufacturer, shows the steps involved in the fan blade replacement. This type of maintenance work is one aspect of being an aircraft mechanic.

First,  fan blade removal  in the CFM56 Turbo Fan Engine is shown.

Next, here is the re-assembly of these fan blades for the CFM56 Turbo Fan Jet Engine.

The contribution of General Electric to modern aviation technology is legendary. Shown below is a video describing the development of carbon fiber composite fan blades and how GE’s innovation improved the technology and fuel efficiency of aircraft engines.  The carbon fiber un-ducted fan blade paved the way for modern jetliners.

The development of these modern Turbo Fan jet engines has revolutionized the aviation industry. As with most moving engine components, however, the Turbo Fan jet engine requires specialized maintenance. This is where an aircraft mechanic provides solid value to the airline, by keeping these engineering marvels flying and in perfect working order.  Maintenance of these modern jet engines requires a solid background in jet engine turbine theory, composite materials, and some manual dexterity.

by Steve Adams


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